Building Your Own DIY Shoe Rack for High Heels

Today we’ve got you covered in terms of getting it done just as real Toronto girl (or shall I say woman!?) Raz did.

Ladies and gentlemen! These fantastically executed purple DIY shoe shelves are perfect for displaying your high heels.

Why? You're not only using that useless wall space to clear your cluttered shoe closets, but you're also creating shoe wall art in the process!

STEP 1 Determine the preferred size of the shoe organizer.


STEP 2 Arrange for your nearby Home Depot to trim both the base molding and crown molding to your specified measurements.


STEP 3 Utilize wood adhesive to affix the crown molding to the base molding, joining the short angled sections together.


STEP 4 You can use either a nail gun or finishing nails along with a hammer to firmly fasten the two molding pieces together.


STEP 5 Allow it to dry.


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