Best Shoes With Wide Leg Jeans

In this in-depth guide, will show you how to style wide leg jeans with the right shoes, boots, sneakers and more!

Women's wide leg jeans have arguably become one of the top trending denim staples of 2023, thanks to Gen Z's fashion influence.

Wide leg jeans can be dressed up or down, worn casually or to a fancier event. If not too wide or baggy, these jeans can also take you from an office setting to a night out with friends.

If they fall to or higher than your ankles, you can choose chunkier, looser-fitting ankle boots.

Ankle Boots with Wide Leg Jeans


These will look fab under a loose pair of baggy wide leg jeans or peeking out of a cropped pair.

Lug Sole Combat Boots with Wide Leg Jeans 


They are great shoes to wear with dresses, fun shoes to wear with skirts and – you guessed it – look fab with wide leg jeans!

Western Boots with Wide Leg Jeans


Knee high boots with wide leg jeans don't usually make sense, but there are times when they do! Cropped wide leg jeans that fit over slimmer knee high boots will look fab.

Knee High Boots


Sneakers are, of course, just as timeless as jeans. So it’s natural they’d go together with wide leg jeans too!

Sneakers with Wide Leg Jeans


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