Best Shoes to Wear With Wide Leg Jeans Outfits

With this much more comfortable denim pant style, there are many great options of what best shoes to wear with wide leg jeans.

In this in-depth guide, will show you how to style wide leg jeans with the best shoes and more!

If you’re curious about what best shoes to wear with wide leg jeans, keep reading! I’ll give you examples of everything from chunky heels to clogs, western boots and more.

White lace-ups, in leather or canvas, can look great with every kind of wide leg jeans.

White Classics & Retro Styles with Wide Leg Jeans


Whichever you decide to choose, you’ll add a youthful vibe to your look – no matter what your age.

Wide Leg Jeans with Chunky Sneakers


You can have longer jeans all but cover them or show off a classic high top Vans or Golden Goose in a cropped pair.

Wide Leg Jeans with High Top Sneakers


Move over ballerina flats – your new favorite shoes hare arrived! Mules are perfect for spring, summer or a warm fall.

Wide Leg Jeans with Simple Mules


From greek sandals to simpler leather styles, these look great with ankle or cropped wide leg jean.

Leather Sandals with Wide Leg Jeans


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