Best Shoes To Wear With Tights, Including Tights With Heels

If you’re looking for what shoes to wear with tights or stockings including dress shoes, boots, tights with heels – and yes, even sandals! – I’ve created this tights shoe styling guide to help!

The right tights and heels or stocking with shoes can add greatness to an outfit – from short dresses, to maxi dresses to leather skirts and cropped pants.

In this story I’ll be focusing on tights, aka stockings that have a foot – or sock – attached to them.

Black fishnet stockings are the obvious choice for a rock ‘n roll vibe, but any opaque, semi-opaque or sheer black tights, with or without a pattern will look fab.

Combat Boots with Tights


Complete your outfit with a sleek skirt suit, shift dress or dress the heels up with a mini party dress and sparkly hose for festive fun.

High Heeled Pumps  with Tights


Chunkier versions of this shoe, similar to Doc Martens’ 8065 Mary Janes or Chloe’s lazer-cut platforms, also look great with thicker plain or chunky lace.

Chunky or Lug-sole Mary Janes and Tights


I do, however, prefer the stockings to be semi or opaque with leather knee boots, so they don't heavily contrast the heaviness of the boot.

Knee Boots with Tights


Pick a pair of chunky Doc Marten oxfords with thick black, or a fun pair of patterned tights for a punky look. Layer a pair of crew socks if you're feeling the vibe!



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