Best Shoes To Wear With Dresses In Winter

What shoes to wear with dresses in winter, you ask? There are so many great shoes. From loafers to high boots that you can choose from for the cooler months of the year.

From stylish to casual, there's a shoe for the dress you want and the occasion you're wearing it to!

Pumps look fantastic with midi dresses all year round, really. Optional: sheer tights -unless the winter months near you are especially grueling!



A good way to get use of your summery dresses during colder months is to wear them with boots that end above the hemline.

Tall Boots


The perfect shoes for winter are boots! And you can't beat ankle boots with dresses! And of all the best boots to wear with dresses, ankle boots are the most versatile.

Ankle Boots


Combat boots —Doc Martens in particular — have been a staple in alternative wardrobes for years. However, they’ve since become more mainstream.

Combat Boots


Chelsea boots are fab shoes to wear with dresses! They will give a rugged vibe to any dress, whether a maxi, mini, slip dress or sweater dress.

Chelsea Boots


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