Best Shoes to Wear With Dresses in Summer

When you think about what shoes to wear with dresses, I'm sure a lot of shoe types and colors come to mind!

If you're looking for summer shoes that go with dresses – especially sundresses – I'm sure you'll think sandals and sneakers.

In fact, there are a lot of cute shoes to wear with dresses seasonally and even all year-round. So the options you can find will not limit your styling choice.

Leather sneakers never go out of style, especially with summer dresses. Or any summer outfit, really! And they are extremely trendy right now too.

Leather Sneakers with Dresses


From the nineties to now, they’ve been a staple in just about every woman’s summer rotation.

Strappy Sandals with Dresses


Sporty sandals for short dresses are perfect for summer. Tone down a fancier dress outfit with casual sandals and a neutral leather bag.

Casual Sandals with Dresses


Wear slides with stylish summer dresses. They're trendy and comfortable!

Slides with Dresses


From a bodycon to a summer dress to a sequin number, almost all dresses will look incredible with a pair of clear heels!

Clear Heels with Dresses


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