Best Shoes to Wear with Baggy Jeans Outfits for Women

If you’re curious what shoes to wear with baggy jeans, loose jeans and even slouchy jeans, this story on is for you.

They can be straight cut, flared or somewhat tapered, and most baggy jeans will sit lower on the waist or hips. Some can be long in length or be cropped at or above the ankle.

I’ll give you examples of everything from ankle boots to cowboy boots to heels, clogs and sandals.

For a more casual and funky look, choose a chunky lug-sole loafer pair with either a tight top and loose cardigan, or a tucked-in baggy sweater.

Loafers with Baggy Jeans


Classic clogs with baggy jeans can be chic, paired with a tee and well textured knit sweater.

Clogs with Baggy Jeans


If you prefer a minimal look, go for classic black combats or lug sole combat boots like Doc Martens. Wear them with ankle-length baggy jeans.

Combat Boots with Baggy Jeans


Ankle boots are great boots for baggy jeans. There are so many options to choose from when pairing loose jeans with ankle boots.

Ankle Boots with Baggy Jeans


The look calls for a button-down blouse or simple black or white fitted top with plaid shirt wrapped at your waist like cowgirls do.

Cowboy Boots with Baggy Jeans


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