Best Shoes to Wear With a White Dress

Many may never ask the “white dress what shoes?” question. There are so many trendy and classic shoes to wear with dresses.

However, there are certain shoe styles & colors that look better with white dresses. While some others won't quite fit the bill!

Let's start with the best color shoes to wear with a white dress! Again, as I always say taste & style is personal. So if it's not listed & you want to rock it, go for it!

Pink shoes with a white dress give a dose of sugary sweetness to your look. The whiter the white, the more contrasting these will be.

White Dress with Pink Shoes


Yellow shoes with a white dress make a bright and energetic combination that can be styled for both day and night!

Yellow Shoes with a White Dress


Green shoes are having a moment and they look so fun with a white dress. From strappy stilettos, to chunky clogs and sandals, green can up your white dress game!

Green Shoes with a White Dress


Tru a blue satin, jewel-adorned pump for a fancy white dress outfit. Dress down your look with a baby blue or blue denim shoe!

Blue Shoes with a White Dress


Orange heels and open-toed shoes suit more casual dresses in summer.

Orange Shoes with a White Dress


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