Best Shoes To Wear With A Bronze Dress and Outfit

From shiny pinkish-brown to copper, a bronze dress can have many undertones, including yellow, orange & green. Bronze dresses can also come in a variety of metallic finishes, fabrics and even sequins!

Shoes and accessories can make or break your bronze dress outfit. That's why I'll be showing you the exact color shoes to wear with a bronze dress, along with the best purse and jewelry pairing.

After reading through this story, you'll know exactly what to wear with bronze dresses!

Beige shoes look fabulous on all skin tones and will be a great addition to your bronze dress. Purse color tip: White, black or gold purses would look great.

Beige Shoes with a Bronze Dress


To add interest to your black shoes and bronze dress combo, pick a patent black flat, heel or boot. Jewelry tip: You can choose silver or gold jewelry that add a little sparkle.

Black Shoes with a Bronze Dress


Gold is another shoe color that goes with everything, including bronze outfits! Purse color tip: I'd opt for black, white or matching gold purse pairings with gold shoes and a bronze dress.

Gold Shoes with a Bronze Dress


Navy is a subtle way to add color to bronze outfits and the reason why so many different color shoes match a navy dress! Purse color tip: I'd opt for a neutral purse with this combo: beige, gold or black.

Navy Shoes with a Bronze Dress


Of course, leopard, cheetah or animal print shoes with a bronze dress will work best for less formal occasions. Purse color tip: You can keep your purses in neutral tones such as tan, beige, white or black.

Leopard Print Shoes with a Bronze Dress


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