Best Shoe to Wear With Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms

With the trending throwback to the 70s, flares are coming back…again! From slight bootcut styles to fully flared out bell bottoms, flare jeans and bell bottoms are all the rage for 2023 & beyond.

Flare jeans and bell bottoms – whether more subtle or wide legged bell bottom styles, make footwear choices a little easier compared to skinny jeans.

I'm loving the return of the flared & bell bottoms in jeans and pants in general, which haven't been big since 2015!

Preferably with a chunky heel, since they'll be more comfy & with shorter flares they'll give off that 70s vibe which is so fashionable right now.

Ankle Boots with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms


Great for Spring/Summer 2023 are platform sandals with chunky heels because, why not? They're fashionable & comfortable, so a win-win, really!

Platforms with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms


These shoes will definitely make your feet happy & add a little flair to your…uhm…flares.

Clogs with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms


If you're opting for a sporty & more casual look with your flare jeans and bell bottoms, sneakers are the way to go.

Sneakers with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms


With all that bulky fabric near your heels, a little misstep & your stiletto will have you tripping & face-planting in no time!

Thin Stiletto Heels with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms


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