Best Shoe Color Shoes for Pink Dresses & Outfits

Pink dresses are perfect for Valentine's Day! I’m excited to show you what color shoes to wear with pink dresses look best, in my styling guide to pink dress! 

The pink color dresses that I'll be giving styling advice on bubble gum to medium pink to bright pink in tone. Yes, Barbie would approve! And I've picked all the right shoe colors that go with pink.

If you're specifically looking for shoe color pairints to wear with pink dresses and pink outfits to a wedding, prom or even for a chic office look, this story is for you!

Love me a white shoe like a bootie for winter, or a fun pair of white heels  or sandals to perk up a pink dress for any occasion!

White Shoes and Heels


The goal here is to have your nude shoe matche your leg skin tone. Especially with a shorter dress – it will make your legs seem like they go on for miles!

Nude or Blush Shoes


Perfect if you want to look chic at a fancy party or at a wedding. Gold or rose gold will look great!

Gold Shoes


You can opt for high shine or matte silver, or holographic materials for a fun take on metallic shoes!

Silver Shoes


Love a black shoe with pink dress as  a bold shoe option, to match the boldness of your pink outfit!

Black Shoes


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