Best Pale Blue Dress Shoe Pairings

Pale blue dresses make picture-perfect bridesmaid dresses, look fab for cocktail parties & are the perfect tea party look!

There are so many types of pale blue dresses to choose from. From satin dresses, to floral numbers to pretty lace frocks and more.

The great thing about wearing black shoes with pale blue dresses is that you most likely have a pair in your shoe closet already!

Black Shoes With Pale Blue Dress


If you're looking to push your pale blue dress styling to a whole new level, navy blue or purple shoes are where it's at.

Purple and Contrast Blue Shoes


Coral is an unexpected shoe color that goes with many dresses, including pale blue dresses.

Coral Colored Shoes with Pale Blue Dress


All yellow shoes with a light blue dress look great. However, mustard yellow is a personal favorite, but even a sunny yellow can look fabulous.

Yellow Shoes with Pale Blue Dress


Perfect for a garden party, tea party or bridesmaid in a wedding with pastel colors!

Pale Blue Dress with Pastel Pink Shoes


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