Best Non-Slip Spray For Shoes

If your shoes aren't providing traction, non-slip spray for shoes could be for you! Read on to find the right shoe traction spray for your needs!

Here are the best top-rated products to help prevent slippy soles.

Just spray it onto shoe outsoles, wait for it to dry and you’re ready to go!

Shoe Grip Ice & Snow Non-Skid Adhesive Spray


It improves their performance to grip, rather than just stick, on sports court floors. It also cleans dirt and dust from shoes.

Performance Grip Basketball Shoe Spray


Slip-grip works best on clean, surfaces as the sticky film that prevents slipping will also attract dirt and debris, possibly causing more slippage.

Bare Ground Slip-Grip Non-Slip Shoe Spray


It gives shoes a firm grip on slick floors, especially when your shoe outsoles are worn or you're playing on dusty courts.

Python Racquetball Anti-Slip Court Shoe Spray


Many also use this product at the bottoms of their footwear to improve shoe traction, but it also works on vaulting poles, bat handles & more.

Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer


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