Best High Heel Protectors to Save Your Heels

Heel savers come in many forms, shapes, sizes, colors — heck — even transparencies! Some of them are heel caps, others, high heel covers & guards.

But no matter how you categorize them, each product exists to serve & protect your heels from unfortunate circumstances.

So what is a heel protector, you ask? They're essentially heel savers for shoes that protect either the heel tip, heel shaft or both.

Attending a wedding or garden party with grassy lawns? Flats aren't the ideal footwear, although they're not completely off-limits.

High Heel Protectors for Grass


They have a good grainy grip on the exterior to make sure you don't slip on the surface you're walking on.

Grasswalkers Heel Strips


With a smaller surface area, these heel tip covers will protect the base of your stilettos without anyone knowing you've snapped them on.

Clickless Heel Caps


Worn with heel tip protectors like Clickless or Solemates, these plastic protectors could also save your upper heels from getting stained & muddied by grass & more!

Back of Heel Protectors


It would have literally saved a few of my favorite shoes from getting tossed to their grave.

High Heel Covers for Driving


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