Best High Heel Hacks for Pain

We've compiled a list of the best high-heel hacks for pain to show you how to wear heels comfortably and effortlessly!

And you can use these best high heel hacks for pain on the shoes you already own. All of your shoes, not just your heels!

Your cutest and most painful high heels deserve a second chance with these next few tricks! But thankfully there are so many hacks to make heels comfortable.

Not exactly a high heel hack, but….the best advice we can give you about how to make high heels, not in pain, is by walking in them properly.

Walk Properly in Your High Heels!


Stick to a heel height of 3.5 inches MAX if you value your feet. Anything higher and you might have to do a walk of shame home.

Wear a Shorter Heel Height


Contrary to popular belief, there are some heels that are built specifically for comfort & walkability in mind.

Purchase Comfort Heels


This is one thing bras & shoes have in common: we often buy the wrong size! And this may seem like the most obvious way to make your heels more comfortable.

Buy the Correct Shoe & Heel Size


When buying shoes, look for thicker, chunkier heels & platforms as they take pressure off of the ball of your feet.

Buy a Comfortable Heel Style


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