Best Color Shoes to Wear With Lavender Dress

If you’re looking for ideas on how to wear lavender dresses with the right shoes & accessories, you’ve found the right place at!

Lavender is a beautiful feminine spring/summer color that dazzles as a bridesmaid dress, cocktail dress, prom dress and more.

Lavender dresses can also look great for more casual occasions, in t-shirt dress or sweater dress form.

If they match your skin tone they will act as a nude shoe. However, if they offer a contrast, that will work just as well!

Beige Shoes with a Lavender Dress


Black shoes, no matter how minimal, will still make a statement with light purple!

Black Shoes with Lavender Dresses


Silver shoes with a lavender dress are a lovely choice for keeping the outfit in a cooler tone. I love this pairing for both winter and summer.

Silver Shoes with Lavender Dress Outfits


This is a great bridesmaid combo, as it is for a cocktail affair or chic casual outfit.

Burgundy Shoes with Lavender Dresses


If black is too boring, but you’re looking for darker shoes, navy shoes with a lavender dress are the way to go.

Navy Shoes with Mauve Dresses


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