Best Color Shoes To Wear With A White Dress

Many may never ask the “white dress what shoes?” question. There are so many trendy and classic shoes to wear with white dresses.

However, there are certain shoe styles & colors that look better with white dresses. While some other won't quite fit the bill!

Before considering what shoes to wear with a white dress, you'll have to think about what event you'll be wearing it to & what look you're going for in addition to dress type.

Best for casual looks, brown is a great neutral tone shoe to pair with your white dress for an office look.

White Dress with Brown Shoes


Remember that a classic leopard or cheetah print shoe will make your look more casual. Especially with a large surface print, like on a pump or boot.

White Dress with Animal Print Shoes


Wearing a shorter white dress? Along with nude shoes, these almost-invisible shoes will make your legs look extremely long!

Clear Heels with a White Dress


White dresses & outfits look fabulous with red shoes. A true poppy red will look great with all shades of white.

Red Shoes with a White Dress


Pink shoes with a white dress give a dose of sugary sweetness to your look. The whiter the white, the more contrasting these will be.

Pink Shoes with a White Dress


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