Best Color Shoes for Blue Dress Outfits

I'm excited to finally write a story to show you what color shoes with blue dresses look best!

So if you're looking for what color shoes to wear with blue dresses and outfits, this story is for you!

Unless it blends in with your skin tone, brown shoes match more loose-fitting, casual dresses. They are not ideal to wear with a formal or blue cocktail dress. I love brown shoes with a blue-dress-office-look, myself!

Blue Dress with Brown Shoes


It creates a beautiful, yet not too eye-popping look because of its complementary cool tones.

Blue Dress With Green Shoes


Red is a classic color and works wonderfully with blue outfits, particularly blue dresses. It gives the look a nautical feel, so I love it for summer and outdoor events.

Royal Blue Dress and Red Shoes


More flirty than red, it's the perfect color shoe to wear with a casual or fancy blue dress. If you want to be more subtle, baby pink heels will look pretty too.

Pink Shoes with Blue Dresses


Clear shoes are THE shoes of the moment, especially in high heel form. And they will literally go with anything, including a bold blue dress.

Blue Dress with Clear Shoes or Heels


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