Best Color Shoes for a Teal Dress

Teal dresses give off a luxurious vibe! This deep gemstone hue is rich in dark green and blue colors.

Alongside each shoe color recommendation for teal dresses, you'll also receive tips on finding perfect color purses and jewelry to match your teal dress, suit, or any teal outfit you wear.

I hope that all your inquiries regarding which color shoes and accessories to wear with your teal dress will be resolved after our discussion.

White is another great color shoe to pair with a teal dress. You can choose a basic shade of traditional white, off-white, or even a silky cream white.

White Shoes with a Teal Dress


When choosing red shoes, pair them with your favorite red lipstick to ensure you're matching from head to toe.

Red Shoes with a Teal Dress


A color combo like pink makes the statement that you’re not afraid to combine colors while showing off your personality and unique style.

Pink Shoes with a Teal Dress


When wearing purple shoes with a teal dress for formal occasions, I love a high shine dress contrasting with a matte teal dress. And vice versa!

Purple Shoes with a Teal Dress


A darker shade of brown is best to use when attending a formal event.

Brown Shoes with a Teal Dress


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