Best Color Shoes for a Navy Dress

Today I'm happy to show you what best color shoes with navy dresses to wear. Matching a navy dress with the appropriate shoe color is usually a simple endeavor.

A navy dress might seem like a more difficult color to pair with the right color shoes, because it's an almost black-but-not-quite-black shade that might initially stump you.

However, you'll be surprised to see how many fabulous & unexpected colors that go with a navy dress. This applies not only to shoe colors, but also to accessory colors.

If your shoe hue matches your legs, and you're wearing a shorter dress, they'll look like they go on for miles!

Navy Dress with Nude Shoes


Wondering about shoe color and navy dress? Good news! You can definitely wear black shoes with a navy dress.

Black Shoes with Navy Dress


If you want to play it light for the summer months, grab a pair of white heels or sandals to liven up a navy dress!

White Shoes with a Navy Dress


More flirty & less serious than red, it's the perfect shoe color to wear with a casual or fancy-shmancy deep navy dress.

Navy Dress with Hot Pink shoes


This color shoe matches a more loose-fitting, casual dress & isn't ideal to wear with a formal or navy cocktail dress. I love brown shoes with a navy office look myself!

Navy Dress with Brown Shoes


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