Best Color Shoes for a Mint Green Dress

In today’s dress styling guide, I’m going to show you what color shoes to wear with mint green dress outfits, along with the perfect purse, jewelry & accessories to complete the look!

Mint green is a surprisingly bright pastel green color that looks amazing in summer, yet also dazzles in winter. Mint green is versatile, perfect for cocktail dresses, bridesmaids, and casual events.

To play it safe when pairing shoes with mint green dresses, opt for white or off-white shoes. Add sparkles for an extra fancy touch.

White Shoes with a Mint Dress


Contrasting with coral is such an interesting color choice of shoes for a mint green dress.

Coral Shoes with a Mint Green Dress


If you want to achieve a casual look or a simple, non-formal event, go with brown shoes.

Brown Shoes with a Mint Green Dress


Yellow shoes with a mint green dress – or any similar shade like moss green or egg blue can look stunning. Especially at a summer wedding or garden party.

Yellow Shoes with a Mint Green Dress


If you want to look like a fashionista while channeling your trendy, stylish side, this is a great choice.

Clear Heels with a Mint Green Dress


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