Best Color Shoes for a Black Dress

An LBD looks great with a variety of shoe styles and colors! Whether you're aiming for the perfect color pairing and a sporty, office-casual, or glamorous look, this shoe story has got you covered!

You will come out of this story with a solid grasp of the most fashionable boots and shoes and know what color shoes with black dresses work best in 2023 & beyond.

If you're wondering if you can wear nude shoes with a black dress, also yes! One of my go-to shoe colors to pair with (almost) any color dress is nude.

Black Dresses With Nude Shoes


It's a chic pairing for an easy yet chic office look, or a glam cocktail way to dress.

Matching Black Shoes with Black Dresses


Best of all, white shoes pair perfectly with pretty much any other dress color, so a definite must for any woman's shoe closet!

Black Dresses with White Shoes


The black element will tie in with your black dress, while the white (or even silver) will make for a lovely fresh contrast.

Black & White Shoes


Black outfits with brown shoes is the perfect shade to wear for a more casual, bohemian vibe.

Brown Shoes with Black Dresses


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