Best Color Shoes for a Beige Dress

Luckily for us beige wearers, any shade of beige from off-white to light brown to tan or light taupe are all neutrals that play very well with other colors.

With respect to what color shoes to wear with beige dresses & outfits, I have listed my fave pairings in this story!

Whether you're choosing to style a light beige dress, dark beige dress, taupe or tan beige dress, all these color pairings will apply!

Metallic shoes with beige is my first pick for a cocktail, formal, bridesmaid or even bridal look. It makes the dress or outfit so much more fancy & fun!

Metallic Shoes with a Beige Dress


Think brown shoes with a beige dress for a casual or office look.

Brown Shoes with a Beige Dress


You can have fun with colorful snake prints. Just make sure they don't clash by finding a snake print shoe that has beige tones in with the colorful hues as well!

Snake Print Shoes with a Beige Dress


I love a soft blue shoe with a tan dress, as it contrasts in tone but also gives an understated elegance to the look.

Blue Shoes with a Beige Dress


Perfect for summer or winter, casual or formal looks: white or eggshell white shoes with beige outfits. Both understated & simple colors make for a lovely combo.

White Shoes with a Beige Dress


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