Amazing Ways To Dry Shoes Fast, Overnight & Slowly

Whether you've wet your shoes by stepping into a puddle or boots after washing, there are a few methods on how to dry shoes that you can try. And I've listed many right here at!

Some methods will teach you how to dry shoes fast and some will allow you to dry shoes overnight.

Hopefully, when you've read through this story, you will get ideas on how to dry your shoes, how to dry shoes in the dryer, and also how to prevent wet shoes in the future!

These are great for families with children or adults that love the outdoors and winter sports.

Use a Boot or Shoe Dryer


They are made of 2-4 wands on a base, that you can hang your shoes off of. It circulates air into the shoes, even hot air, to help dry your shoes faster.

Electronic shoe dryer stands


Simply place them inside the shoes and wait for them to dry. Make sure to follow the instructions for each individual dryer as the setting could be different.

Portable Shoe Dryers


They are inserted individually into the shoes to help them dry from the inside. Most also act as shoe deodorizers.

Use Dehumidifying Shoe Inserts


Since dry rice can absorb dampness, it can help dry shoes, although it may take time.

Add Rice to Dry Shoes


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