Amazing Shoes To Wear With Leggings

The current hottest leggings styles are high-waisted. In terms of leg shape, the upcoming style is split front leggings – like these – that flare out, as you will see throughout this story.

This is not surprising considering the rising popularity of flare jeans. However, versatile ankle length, simple cotton leggings are still a go-to.

In today's story, you will learn how to make your leggings look casual to chic and everything in between, with the right shoes!

Loafer mules have been popular for a few years now thanks to Gucci, which add chicness to business casual.

Mules with Leggings


Loafers with black leggings is a stylish, staple look for Fall. You can choose a classic loafer style, a chunky soled loafer, or a slipper style loafer.

Loafers & Slipper Loafers with Leggings


Wear your leggings casually with western style ankle boots, or add a punk vibe with black studded booties.

Ankle Boots with Leggings


The current trend? A higher lug soled flatform combat boot with large treads. All the cool kids are wearing them and they style amazingly with any pants.

Combat Boots with Leggings


Chunky Chelseas can look clunky, and will draw extra attention to your feet. More classic styles like Blundstones will add an earthy appeal.

Chelsea Boots with Leggings


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