Amazing Shoes to Wear With a Midi Dress

If you're looking for ideas on what shoes to wear with a midi dress in fall, I’ve included many styles such as combat boots, tall boots and loafers.

Many of the best shoes to wear with a midi dress work not only seasonally, but year-round as well. So the options listed will not limit your styling choices throughout the year!

If you’re pairing tight sock ankle boots with a midi dress, any type or dress length works.

Ankle Boots with Midi Dresses


Wear your midi dress so that it covers the boots or leaves a noticeable gap to show off some leg. Avoid wider or bulky knee boots with tight midi dresses.

Knee Boots with a Midi Dress 


Cowboy boots are making another comeback. They are extremely popular amongst the fashion crowd styled with mid-calf dresses.

Cowboy Boots with a Midi Dress


Lace-up combat boots with a midi dress will give an edge to your outfit, no matter which midi dress style you decide to wear.

Combat Boots with a Midi Dress


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