Shoe Styling

How To Keep Heels From Slipping Out Of Shoes

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If you've ever experienced heel slipping in shoes while walking,  you are not alone!

This is a common issue with shoes that are brand new, too large, or ill-fitting. Whatever the reason, it is frustrating when it happens too often.

If you're here to find quick hacks and easy-to-use products on how to keep heels from slipping out of shoes, you're in the right place.

Wear the Correct Size Shoes (or Size Down a Half Size)

Different brands come with different shoe sizes, so try out various brands to figure out which is the best fit for you (and your feet!).

Use Heel Liners in your Shoes

They fill any gap between shoe and feet while adding comfy cushioning.

Try Shoe Insoles

They make the shoes just that much smaller, by adding cushioning to secure the foot and prevent any excessive movement such as sliding.

Use Double-Sided Shoe Tape

The stickiness of the tape on both your foot and shoes allows for it to secure your heel bottoms to the shoes, adding grip.

Use Shoe Fillers in the Front of your Shoes

Your foot will not slide forward or lift up with every step, when the front of the shoe is filled.

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