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As we physically greet Fall (finally cold!) & mentally dismiss it (SS NYFW anyone), I’ve rounded up my top 5 Hot and Heinous of a FW 2010 favourite: the ubiquitous bootie.


A recent discovery. Kirkwood puts D&G to shame with his lacy, avant-guard sculpture.

This Burberry bootie brings it all together: Sex, Strength, Design & Shearling.

Love at first sight. In my favourite non-colour. Creative & just plain cool. And I don’t even believe in peep-toe boots!

The supreme bootie. I must have it! Epitome of biker-chic & hard-core glamour. On a stiletto.

Fierce & feisty. A strappy sandal made love to the perfect bootie. Gaga for Alejandro!


Givenchy, what went wrong? Looks like a burlesque can-can stripper on acid lost her boot.

Oh, Mr. Wang. How could you? It’s neither sexy, nor classy…not even great design. Just a great waste of your talent *sigh*

Elf, meet Pony. Pony, meet your Nordic cousin, Heidi.

Dear Sam: Clogs are revolting. But this “creation” made me lose my lunch. Sheer monstrosity.

Footwear-meets-sheep. Or Chia pet. Or maybe it’s meant to be a hairy cartoon!…

…much better!!

Conclusion? Be excited or be VERY afraid….

xo ShoeTease


  1. The Givenchy’s are very “Granny meets Stripper”- a statement that is so wrong on so many levels.

    The Wang’s proportions are just SO off…totally bizarre.

    And the Clog boot…I have no words. Except that the designer decided that instead of making three different shoes, they’d combine them into one totally WTF creation. Very scary indeed.

    Your blog is great! xox

  2. Ooh, your heinous are truly that. I’m not all that fond of the lacy bootie but the rest are sheer bliss. I Love, Love, Love your 3, 4 & 5 of the fab! #5 makes me squeal with happiness for sure! Great picks

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