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Triangle Print Pumps: Isabel Marant “Prissy” vs. J.Crew “Falsetto”

Well, well, what do we have here, folks?! Almost identical triangle/bow-tie prints on a pointy-toe high-heel pump. The top design named “Prissy” by Isabel Marant & the other, pictured below: “Falsetto” by J.Crew. At least we’re not looking at the same last & heel this time around, like in the last CopyCat or Coincidence post!

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Camo, Denim & Daisies

I found this incredibly original 3d Daisy/floral inspired necklace from Joe Fresh recently, at their uptown Toronto location. A perfect way to inject some Spring fashion into an outfit without having to wait for it! Because where I am right now, Spring is a looong time coming! I found this blue/black colour-block suede clutch (which can double as a …

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