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Feel the need to spike your stiletto heels with a little S&M, but can’t afford the ever-increasing price-tags of say, Ruthie Davis shoes? Well, fret not, shoe lovers; New york creative Karen Ko, jewelry designer of k2o by Karen Ko, has created Avant Rock shoe accessories in the form of ankle cuffs to solve your ever-increasing shoe woes! Sold in a variety of metal finishes, these fiercely pointy ankle bangles will do way more than simply revive your neglected plain-Jane black pumps: they will completely transform them! You can even double the cuffs up, if you’re so inclined.

Ooh, the shoe conversations you’re bound to have! Pun possibly intended 😉

Shop the ankle cuffs here on Amazon or below:

xo ShoeTease


  1. alexandra villa Reply

    LOOOVEEE the spikes.. so edgyy.. you can totaly make them on your own though, no need to spend money. I made a headband and belt with spikes and everyone loves it and its super easy to make..
    check it out if you’d like..


    love, alex from miami

    • Oh my, I LOVE that headband!! If I had the tools for it, I’d make so many spike-imbued accessories!

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