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End of Year Shoe Purge. Yep, Hello Shoe Closet SALE!

End of Year Shoe Purge. Yep, Hello Shoe Closet SALE!

After reading Mindy Kaling’s latest book where she admits (possibly jokingly, but you never know!) to using the inside of her oven as shoe storage, I seriously considered the same. But it was after getting partway through “The life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo, that I knew the time had come to do something about my overflowing shoe closet. Or rather, shoe closets. I keep them in various places around my place. I know, #shoebloggerproblems, right!?

Inspired by Marie Kondo to Organize & Purge!

Tidying my shoe “places” Kondo-style is what I did. And I'm purging a few items in the process. The great thing about Kondo's “how to” book on organization & clutter-clearing is it's sheer simplicity. I picked up 2 main points from it, which is all you really need:

  1. Organize by category not area. For instance, clean up all of your books (or yes, shoes!) rather than work room by room. Perfect for my shoe exercise!
  2. Pick up each item. Look at it. If it makes you happy (or as Kondo puts it: “sparks joy”), keep it. If it doesn't make you giddy with glee, or worse, makes you feel guilty (like those quirky but pricey Louboutins you've never worn but paid oh-so much for), then time has come to get rid of them!

Of course, the are more tips & trick in the book, but these are the main ones that I believe equipped me well enough to devise my shoe sorting strategy. The only advice of hers that I didn't follow, was to clean up everything at once, not bit by bit. I figured if I started with my shoes (which constitutes the second largest mess in my place – the first being various receipts & invoices around the house – oh the joys of self-employment!) it would be a good enough start. And I'd be setting a good enough precedent to then sort out other categories of “stuff” in my house. Let's just hope I do, shall we!?

Purging Shoes is Like, Hard

Purging older, even unworn clothing has never been an issue for me. I see clothes as replaceable. Shoes, not so much. No, there really isn't any logic to this, so don't think too hard about it! I hardy ever give up or sell shoes. I figure I'll need that shoe for a blog post or particular event. Possibly turn it into a vase? I feel the same even with ones that I know to likely never to wear again :/ Unless, of course, they're literally coming undone or are so terribly uncomfortable that I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. Not that I have any…

General fashion & “lifestyle” blogs receive a lot of diverse merch. Not me. 95% of what I receive are shoes. Actually scrap that; it's more like 98%. Makes sense, as I write a shoe blog. I don't teach people how to DIY a lipstick cozy. I talk about shoes. But this year has been particularly crazy here at the blog. With a much larger readership & collaborations coming out the wazoo, over last few months, I've started receiving a handful of shoes. Per week. Sometimes a few per day day. I sh$t you not. I know, poor me, right? I'm definitely not complaining, but when shoes are literally taking over your small down town Toronto space & seeping into your kid's toy hampers, it's time to do something about it!

And as no feet are create equal, neither are shoes. And primarily due to my ridiculously slim feet, many shoes I own or have been sent my way are just not a decent fit. Actually, a perfectly fitting shoe is rare for me to come by. And guess what?Bbecause I have so many heels, flats, boots & more, I can be picky about which ones I keep!

Yep, I'm Selling Shoes from My Too-Full Closet!

Why should this be of interest me at all, you're thinking!? Well, if you’re anywhere between a size 7-9 US in women's shoes, I have some great footwear that I'm saying bye-bye-bye to this season, that just might spark some joy in YOU! Below you will find all of the various new & barely used shoes (some designer, some not) that I’m selling in order to make some space. I'll be adding more as the days go by. And the proceeds? To fund a new shoe closet! Just kidding. I’ll use the moolah to buy copious amounts of makeup & hair products instead 😉

If you're interested in any of the following items, please email me at shoetease(at) Let me know which shoe you would like & please include your postal code so that I can calculate shipping cost & give you the total price. I have more pics of all shoes & am happy to answer any questions! Prices are in Canadian dollars.

 The New & Barely Worn Shoes I'm Selling:

SUPERGA Gold Shimmer Textile Sneakers – Size 7 (SOLD)

  • Brand new with tag. No box. 1 size too small for me 🙁 Sparkly gold canvas uppers with rubber outsoles. Sneakers fit true to size
  • See same style in store here
  • Selling for $45

Gold Sparkle Superga sneakersGold Sparkle Superga sneakers 2

Zvelle Black & White Pumps – Size 9

  • All leather pumps with beautiful workmanship. 2.5″ Plastic heels. Made in Brazil. Fits true to to size. Too wide for my slim feet 🙁 Worn once. Includes box & dust bag
  • See my review post here & actual brand's product page here
  • Selling for $149

Zvelle pumps on saleZvelle pumps on sale  Zvelle pumps on sale

2. Autograf NY Leopard Print Loafers – Size 8

  • Simply gorgeous! Hand crafted in Italy. Never worn & new in box. All leather. Pony hair uppers. Man-made heel. Size 8, but fits snug at the toes
  • See them reviewed here. Read the actual brand's product page with all details, here
  • Selling for $179

Leopard Print Loafers for SaleLeopard Print Loafers for Sale

Old Navy Leopard Print Pumps – Size 8

  • Worn once. 3″ heels. Fit true to size. Textile upper, insole & rubber outsole. Comfortable!
  • Selling for $15

Old Navy Leopard Print PumpsOld Navy Leopard Print Pumps

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Lip Kiss” Pumps – Size 8

  • Lovely black designer pumps with off white lip “smack” print. All leather. Worn twice. I feel too old for them now 🙁 4″ heels with 1″ hidden platform. Marked as 38.5 European size but fits like a size 8 US. Great quality & fab fit!
  • Selling for $69

Marc Jacobs Lip smack heels

GAP Leather Platform Lace-Up boots – Size 9

  • Leather & rubber 5″ platform boots. Worn twice. So comfortable! Perfect with skinny jeans or under flares
  • These were $225 at the time. Selling for $59

GAP leather platform bootsGAP leather platform boots

Kelsi Dagger Leopard Print Wedge Booties – Size 8.5

  • NEW. Never worn. 6″ wedges with track sole. Leopard print hair with black suede. Fit more like a size 9-9.5 US
  • Selling for $49

Kelsi Dagger Leopard Print WedgesKelsi Dagger Leopard Print Wedges

I'll be adding a handful of shoes, so stay tuned for more! 

xo Cristina

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