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Nicole Richie adds Glam to TNT’s Fashionable Event!

Nicole Richie adds Glam to TNT’s Fashionable Event!

Last Thursday, Toronto‘s newly expanded & renovated TNT retail boutique celebrated it's 20th anniversary in a most fashionable way, having the likes of Nicole Richie, Greta Constantine & newer labels Caitlin Power, Narces, Ashtiani & many more designers/celebrities, showcase their respective collections.

Even though there were no cupcakes (be it, Blowfish‘s sushi hit the spot!), the event was filled with amazing collections of shoes, clothing, accessories & loads of refreshments. Again, the fashionable crowd included the usual suspects: Ainsley Kerr, Leesa Butler, Anita Clarke (and I'm sure many others, but not being so in-the-know about TO fashionistas, these are these only ones I can name!).

Yes. This would be Nicole Richie!

Shoes from Richie's House of Harlow Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Narces designer Nikki Wirthensohn, right & model

Golnaz Ashtiani of Ashtiani

Model & Catilin Power's Collection

Anita Clarke, Leesa Butler & Greta Constantine designer Kirk Pickersgill

Ainsley Kerr & friend

Ainsley's fabulous navy satin ladybug shoes

xo ShoeTease


Wednesday 18th of May 2011

Ugh! Those pink pants! I #Die Im jealous wish I was there ;)


Wednesday 18th of May 2011

Lol! Pink was definitely a theme of the evening (the hotter, the better!).