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Along with the recent Prague street style sighting pictures that I’ve been posting, I thought I’d give you a small taste of Prague through my eyes. It is probably the most inspiring city I have visited thus far; breathtaking, but also filled with colorful & witty detailing. You’ll notice I have quite the penchant for doorways! Enjoy 🙂

xo ShoeTease


  1. I should have bought a couple of those pervy kissing angels, lol! But sadly, I didn’t (too cold to stop for more than a quick picture!).
    Yes, the puppets especially the handmade ones are fabulous 🙂

    That lady is actually staring at a HUGE birdcage, which is parked on the palace grounds. Although I’m guessing that it caged only birds…who knows?!xo

  2. Did you get one of those angels? I think those two, on that sign, are too young to be kissing. HAHA.
    Seriously, I really like the photo of the snowy rooftops. I also like the one of the woman peeking down into . . .a well?
    The puppet store I would have to pass on visiting.

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