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Ciara was recently caught shooting a new music video wearing these…shoes. Seems like Chuck Taylor and Stripperella procreated. And although I have no love for Converse’s famous clown shoe, or for the trashy tits-for-tips footwear, I have to support their design element. 

See the very “interesting” shoes here, heehee.

Yes, aesthetically they are pure trash, unwearable and impractical, but it’s hard to disagree that these lack creativity. We’ve all seen the sneaker morphed into high-heels numerous times, but so crudely slapped onto a lucite platform? I am strangely drawn…

What do YOU think?!

xo ShoeTease


  1. Love this old black Made in USA Converse, but not on top of that High Heel…

  2. hmmm… something about this juxtaposition does not work for me… looks a little too “ad hoc” to come off as ironic…

  3. Ha, LOL! Yes, definitely unwearable, but it *is* quite inventive and it’s not proportionally unsound…so I just can’t hit it with my Heinous stamp. But yes, fashion lock-down to anyone that’s gonna even THINK of sporting these!

  4. Well of course someone’s mother has been known to say that if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t my mother! These are beyond ugly and since you won’t knock them, I will. The sad thing is that someone, somewhere is going to think this is a good look. I’ll have my ticket book out ready to pull them over and throw them in Fashion Jail if they own more than one pair. LOL

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