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Discovering my Wild Side – Fall 2015 Shoe Shopping at Dixie

Discovering my Wild Side – Fall 2015 Shoe Shopping at Dixie


So I'm at it again! With $200 in tow, I've been given an important Fall 2015 shopping assignment. As you may remember from last season, Dixie Outlet Mall put me to a shopping challenge with that same amount, to spend on a fabulous outfit. This time around for Fall I will not only discover my “wild side”, but the funds are going towards a far more important endeavour! Can you guess?

To scout for bargain SHOES of course! And nothing is more fun than being given free shoe reign to go Fall 2015 shoe shopping at Dixie. Toronto shoe outlet shopping at its best, really. And I'm always up for scouting the best deals on the highest quality shoes I can fit my feet into  😉

However, the “She Who Hunts” challenge for Fall 2015 requires me – in addition to finding the best deals at as many retailers as possible – to know my true shopping persona before going out on my venture hunt. Each shopper type is fronted by an animal & divided into 5 types: the eagle, lioness, swan, peacock & wolf. How did I discover my wild side? By taking a 1 minute shopping style quiz at Dixie Outlet Mall‘s specifically catered URL: (Pssst: at the end of the post I'll tell you how you can win BIG by taking this online quiz too)!

Style Quiz Swan Shopping Persona

After taking the test 3 times (because you can never be too sure, right?!), it turns out I shop like a swan. Apparently, a swan-ish shopping persona is described as the following:

“You're elegant with natural grace, you float from store to store before settling on just anything. Your selective style glows with soft colors and flowing fabrics”

Do I perceive myself elegant? Uhm, not entirely, but I am definitely a store floater who must look at everything & I mean EVERYTHING before settling on any one thing (which is especially true about shoes). And possibly why it can take so long to shop! I do enjoy both soft colors as well (dove & charcoal greys are my favorite “colors” of all time). So after finding out my shopping style, I was all set to go outlet shopping for Fall 2015 shoes.

Fall 2015 Shoe Shopping at Dixie

Before getting to Dixie, I decided think about what shoes I was looking to get for Fall 2015. I knew I needed more classic & practical slip-on-and-go footwear, but my “wilder” side also wanted something stylish, trendy & fun. So my shoe shopping list read as follows (& don't forget to scroll down to see my fabulous finds in mostly shoefie form of course!).

  1. Black. Need more black shoes!
  2. Comfy flats (possibly sneakers or other type)
  3. Menswear-inspired shoes
  4. Dainty ballerina flats
  5. Pretty & comfortable pointed toe-pumps
  6. Something original & glam (?)

Best Fall 2015 Shoes at Dixie Outlet Mall

Aldo Shoes Outlet

I always find so many amazing discounted Aldo shoes at this outlet! From practical to unbelievably crazy, there never seems to be a lack of shoes, boots, flats & sneakers IN MY SIZE!! Keep in mind I'm a shoe size 8, which is one of the most common sizes, meaning most shoes get sold out before even arriving at an outlet location. Yes, tragic #shoesize8problems, I know!

Dixie outlet shoe shopping grey bootsAren't these greige pointed toe stiletto booties divine? Aside from the tremendously chic swan-like texture & color, these are currently discounted at $34.99!

Dixie outlet shoe shopping silver brogues

So comfy, these leather not-quite-an-oxford, not-quite-a-sneaker lace-up flats have a fabulous silver sheen & will brighten up any outfit! Love the simple style mixed with a not so simple material.

Dixie outlet shoe shopping ballerina flatsThe perfect ballerina flats I was seeking! But with an amazingly chic almond-toe! Flirty & feminine and go with everything smart-casual.

Dixie outlet shoe shopping glitter bootsCrazy, sparkly & totally me, these insanely fun black lace-up booties are a party girl's shoe daydream!

Shoe Company Outlet

I always find some incredible shoes at Dixie's Shoe Company Outlet! From Hunter boots to sneakers, to sassy heels, there is something for everyone (in every shoe size!) at this fantastic location. Be sure to head to the far back of the store to score the best & biggest deals!

Dixie outlet shoe shopping rockstud dupesBCBGeneration white Valentino “Rockstud” dupes. Fit like a glove & such a stunning shoe!
Dixie outlet shoe shopping leopard flatsTownShoes's in-house Kate & Mel brand cute leopard print flats. Love the pointed toe & graphic animal print!

Winners Dixie Mall

The shoe stash might be a little more scarce than most other locations, but if you're a good hunter, you can find some amazing shoe deals at this Winners outlet! I find shoe sizes aren't exactly placed where they should, so some extra digging to get that perfect shoe in your size may be in order. But oh, will it ever be worth it!
Dixie outlet shoe shopping rose gold hollogram brogues

Rose gold metallic hologram brogues! Mens shoe-inspired but so much more!! Even the shoe laces are sparkly.

Dixie outlet shoe shopping perforated sneakers

The perfect black casual sneaker with that je ne sais quoi feeling to it! Genuine leather & canvas upper with large perforations to give it a bit of a kick. Yes, pun intended. Best feature? Discounted at $19.99!

Dixie outlet shoe shopping grey flannel keds

Not always a fan of Keds, but these ones changed my outlook on the brand's classic sneaker!  Perfect color & cozy flannel upper for Fall 2015.

Spring Shoes Outlet

Dixie outlet shoe shopping silver wedges

If it reminds me of a disco ball, there is nothing not to love about it in my shoe shopping books! The ultimate shiny statement heel in wedge form. #Swoon.

Dixie outlet shoe shopping hollogram sneakers

Continuing my love of hologram-like materials, I love the contrast between the woven upper material & shiny rainbow craziness going on with these sneakers!! Great two-tone outsole.

Nine West Studio

So with all that's happening with Nine West Canada, I figured there may be more (or less?) shoes & handbags than usual at the Nine West Studio at Dixie Outlet Mall. They're currently in re-stocking mode & although the shoes were scarce, I found a few gems nonetheless. I'm told that they should be getting many more shoes in this week. And I might just return to see what new items have been added!

Dixie outlet shoe shopping leopard bootsOk, what's not to love about these leopard print booties? Amazing print AND low enough heels to walk in them all day (and night!).

Dixie outlet shoe shopping black broguesFound these incredible Nine West black leather lace-less brogues! Perfect size, so comfortable & gosh darn, exactly what was on my list…and in black no less!

Payless Shoes Outlet

You can always find something at Payless! Although I didn't find as much as I'd hoped time around, I did rather love these sand colored faux suede ankle boots. Love the strategically placed so-trendy-it-hurts fringe detail at the back. I can see myself wearing these with so many outfits this Fall!

Dixie outlet shoe shopping fringe boots

Take the Style Quiz to Win BIG!

Style Quiz Dixie Outlet Mall

So now that you've seen my swan-like float around Dixie Outlet Mall in search of the best shoes at the bestest deals, it's time for YOU to take the shopping style quiz not only to discover your wild side & animal bestie, but to enter to win a $1000 shopping spree at Dixie!

But that's not all, folks: visit Dixie in-person from now until September 6th, for your chance to win $250 in their DAILY draw & take a fun photo with your animal persona! Your image will be featured on their Facebook page (I went in earlier this week…can you find my pic?!). So there's nothing holding you back from doing a little Fall 2015 shoe shopping at Dixie Outlet Mall now is there?

And if that's not amazing enough for you yet, stay tuned for my NEXT Dixie post, where you will see my full shoe shopping haul & get the chance to enter to win a $200 gift card, right here on ShoeTease!

So…can you guess which & how many pairs of shoes from above I ended up buying on a 200-buck budget?! I've already given you a few hints 😉

xo Cristina

**This post is brought to you in collaboration with Dixie Outlet Mall. All opinions expressed are my own**

Secret little Stars

Friday 4th of September 2015

OMG! Those silver and grey booties are everything!! Was it hard to leave and not have them all? :)

Tatyana x Secret little Stars


Friday 4th of September 2015

Oh my goodness, so hard! I wanted them ALL lol (still do!). xo Cristina


Tuesday 1st of September 2015

That rose gold shoe was perfect!!! I would snap that up in a second.


running trainers womens

Monday 31st of August 2015

Wow! Nice collection. I really like it. I Was looking for something like this.


Friday 28th of August 2015

You found SO many great pairs of shoes. Can't wait to see what you picked.


Thursday 10th of September 2015

So many to choose from, so little time!! Thanks Jane :) xo Cristina