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Dolce&Gabbana Black Lace + Minty Green Pumps

Dolce&Gabbana Lace Covered Mint Green Pointed Pumps

Everyone goes around oohing and aahing over every move Christian Louboutin makes & this tends to cast a very dark shadow over some much more stellar & gush-inspiring designers of high heels & shoes. And trust me, there are MANY lurking around in the aforementioned shaded area, designed by creatives who didn't make a legal cafaful over a bloody outsole colour! Yes, pun intended. I mean what's next, trademarking black sandals? The LBD? Yes, I'm still annoyed. Anyhoo, I digress…

Take the limited edition mint “Kate” pointy pump by Dolce&Gabbana, for example. It is freaking PERFECT: The shape of the heel, the sleek pointed toe, the subtle lace draped over a patent leather upper. A 10/10 “Bravo”! Really, just a jawdroppingly gorgeous set of shoes! I say this realizing full well that D&G's magnificent duo may be fraudulent tax evaders (but who in Italy isn't, really!? As an Italian myself, I am freely entitled say so). But it doesn't make their shoes any less delightful. They wanted to keep their hard-earned designer cash all to themselves, right?! Right?? Their Fall/Winter season is particularly incredible! A little bitchy French designer going after creative control of a red outsole & suing every other scarlet shoe creation in sight does not have the same appeal. Not to me. I don't like whiney designers. Worked with too many. That being said, Mr. Loubie did create this fabulous white laced pump, these glitter heels & these lovely cap toe booties. But alas, they are doused in a mist of litigation, don't you think?

Dolce&Gabbana “Kate” pump, above, is available at Luisa Via Roma in mint, powder blue & black. Most colours also available from My Theresa & Saks.

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xo Cristina M.

Photo Credit: luisaviaroma