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CopyCat or Coincidence? Ferragamo vs. Urban Outfitters

 Salvatore Ferragamo's recurring strapped ballerina flat

 Cooperative linen flat from Urban Outfitters

I saw this linen flat not too long ago at Urban Outfitters & automatically saw the resemblance to Ferragamo's staple single-strap sweetheart flat. Now many of you may not know how popular this design is, but among women of a certain age, they LOVE it (my mother and a couple of her friends included!). Strangely enough, I spotted the Cooperative version on a hip teenager in downtown Toronto the other day. I'm sure the $14 dollar price-tag at Urban Outfitters had something to do with it, as you can easily multiply that number by 20 to reach Ferragamo's price point!

To be honest, the less expensive version looks less dowdy than what I'd like to call the “original”. What do you think?

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