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Shoe Accessories: Stolen Riches Colored Laces

I recently joined the lovely gals of Hermann & Audrey at their downtown studio in Toronto, Canada for a behind-the-scenes sneak peak at the 2012 campaign photoshoot for Stolen Riches. Never heard of ’em?! If not, I bet you’ll start hearing much more about this brand, which specializes in fun colored shoe laces, for boots, dress shoes & now, sneaker laces too!

Colored Shoe Laces from Stolen Riches

Yep, shoe laces, people! Probably the most neglected shoe accessory of all time…

Stolen Riches - Shoe lace accessories

Founder David (pictured below) definitely has a point: if you’re gonna spend a pretty penny on your shoes, why settle for the cheap-o, make-in-China laces that come with?! They break right away & look dingy. Your Louboutins deserve more, my friends! So give your lace-up heels, sneakers, boots & oxfords a major style re-vamp with a pop of neon, stripes or basic hue (for you boring classic folk) with a made-in-Canada brand that’s been in the shoe lace business for almost 100 years.

stolen riches founder david laces shoes accessorie

shoe laces louboutin laces oxfords accessories

neon laces shoes accessories stolen riches

stolen riches laces neon shoes accessories

stolen riches color laces louboutin

stolen riches neon laces shoes accessories

I got my silver laces to adorn my basic black boots. Which colored shoe laces will you choose?!

Shop similar colored laces:

xo ShoeTease

Photo Credits of first 2 images: Steve Carty Photography


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  3. If I am going to change the laces in my shoes, I will go bright just like those ones in the leopard booties.

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