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Stiletto pumps this season, better watch out: Chunky heel pumps for Fall 2014 are seeking to crush you with a vengeance! With a number of fashionable pointed toes & angular forms, pumps with block heels are having a huge moment in the Fall 2014 spotlight. From high-end to high street; monochromatic to vibrantly colored styles, there is no lack of these shoes to choose from this season! How to wear them, you ask?

Well it’s simple really: just replace that skinny heeled version with a chunky one! Love your fitted blouses & midi skirt with a run-of-the-mill pointy stiletto pump? Just swap with a pointed toe, chunky heel pump version & you’re all set to go.

And don’t you worry, they’ll be just pretty (even more fashionable!), only easier to walk around it & more eye-caching! Take a look at the slideshow below & discover the cream of the block crop from Fall 2014’s stellar lineup.

Chunky Heel Pumps for Fall 2014

So after (hopefully!) admiring these block heels in the pump form, I like to think I’ve convinced you of their worthiness. If you’re still not quite ready to toss your other heeled pumps to the back of your shoe closet & replace them with their chunky heel counterparts, here are a few reasons (well, 5 really) to turn block heeled, in the event that you didn’t quite the get shoe trend memo on the thicker, squared (wait, is that a word?!) heeled pumps!

5 Reasons why Block Heels are better than Stilettos!

  1. More comfortable to walk in (don’t really need to be a scientists to figure this one out, now do we?)
  2. More of a STATEMENT! Bigger heels, mean bigger shoes, therefore more attention-grabbing (especially if color-blocked or patterned!)
  3. Easier to move around in during European Fashion Weeks (read: cobblestones!)
  4. Chunky heel pumps  for Fall are just more 2015. Enough said.
  5. Less likely to break. I mean, wouldn’t a broken heel make you sad?!

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xo Cristina M.


  1. This is such a clever and witty post. Love it. Chunky heels were so popular in the 1950s and they still have a ladylike appeal. I believe this is the reason they continue to trend through out the years. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Sharon 🙂 I’m so thankful chunky heel pumps are making a comeback, as I’m not sure my feet could stand another few seasons solely of stilettos. It’s quite exhausting, really!

      xo Cristina

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