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Caught in the Act! Paris Copies Versace’s Leopard Pumps


Versace Pumps – $795 @ NetaPorter

A couple weeks back, Paris Hilton held a press conference in Istanbul, Turkey for the launch of her footwear line Paris Hilton The Shoe Collection.

What caught my eye was the similarity of her leopard-print pony-haired pump, to Versace’s Fall 2011 leopard platform design. Which should not surprise me one bit, as not only is Versace, like, totally, up Paris Hilton’s alley (doesn’t she look a little Donatella-ish?), but her designers have been knocking-off the likes of Valentino & other greats for a while now.

I must say her behind-the-scene minions did a great job in changing the heel shape along with the size of leopard print, yet keeping the spirit & form of the shoe. In order to avoid any chance of a lawsuit, perhaps?! 😉

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Monday 3rd of October 2011

Personally, I think it is just the way it is. That is why magazines have those "the look for less" articles. They show you a designer shoe and one that looks like it for less. Every woman can not afford a pair of designer heels so, the lower end labels copy and give the consumer something that can afford. It is like that whether it is shoes, jackets, or dresses. Now if it was a counterfeit heel then, I would see the problem.


Monday 3rd of October 2011

I quite agree. The high-end prices are, well, high; not everyone can afford them. However, I feel there is enough talent out there for some originality!

I do expect blatant copies from brands, such as "Paris Hilton". It's the creative designers who copy that disappoint me the most! (And don't even get me started on counterfeit...just terrible in so many ways!).