Ugly Shoes


Ever spotted a shoe and wondered WTF? Yep we’re talking ugly shoes here, people!

Well over at the ShoeTease shoe blog, no freaky shoes are left unturned. We absolutely love our deliciously decadent high and low footwear. We love to teach you how to style them! But we do have a soft spot for scouring current online stores & past designer shoe styles to find you the wackiest, tackiest & ugliest shoes ever thought (or even dreamt) possible, on Fridays. Yes, Fridays! So look out for our Freak Shoe Friday posts & space a few minutes for a much needed ugly shoe & ugly boot eyesore! Because if weird shoes is what you’re after, we’ve got your fix! And you know you love it ;)

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This post was most recently updated on October 13th, 2014

Image courtesy of Cocoperez

Ciara was recently caught shooting a new music video wearing these…shoes. Seems like Chuck Taylor and Stripperella procreated. And although I have no love for Converse’s famous clown shoe, or for the trashy tits-for-tips footwear, I have to support their design element.

Yes, aesthetically they are pure trash, unwearable and impractical, but it’s hard to disagree that these lack creativity. We’ve all seen the sneaker morphed into high-heels numerous times, but so crudely slapped onto a lucite platform? I am strangely drawn…

What do YOU think?!

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